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The Man Behind the Camera

You said... iCanShoot What? 🤔

TOO! Referencing the fact that anyone can take photos no matter the skill level, all it takes is a bit of practice. Hi I’m Kyle, been a photographer officially for the last 5 years.



Officially discovered in 2011 inside of a Dark Room 👻


It sort of starts from all the way back in High School when I took B&W photography as my art course for the year. Bought a Nikon N70 off ebay for $50 bucks and went to work, learned all about the chemicals needed to develop photos and how to beam images on to fancy paper. But I really didn’t get started until 2018, and that story is definitely worth reading. (Story link)

I primarily focus on Portrait and Event photography but I have definitely had my fair share of experimenting(Story link coming soon) but I’m always willing to explore more areas as I grow. Ultimately I’m looking to gain more photo and video experience wherever I can. Based in the DC metro area, traveled to a select few places over the last 5 years, Cuba, NYC, LA, Korea, Japan, Mexico, and Singapore 2025. 

Photos Taken
Photo Shoots & P P

P P: Personal Projects 

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A bit of a Story Teller

Each shoot is like a new adventure for me, sometimes meeting new people or just having crazy things happen. If you haven’t seen the photo blog, there is a wealth of information there about some crazy times.

Vector Image of the front of a camera

Still on The Come Up

3 years is a lot of time, and I’ve blown through several pro bono photo ops and thankfully several paid ones. It’s a tricky business, capturing and even designing them is not an easy task. How does the saying go? Slow and steady right… 

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