Street Meet DC-2


Street Meet DC: Noma

“Named for its location north of Massachusetts Avenue”, NoMa! – Google

Pretty creative name right? I had no idea that’s what it stood for.😆 Started the day the early enough to pack all of my gear in the car before work, I only happen to be scrolling on Insta when I got up at 5am. Even though it was a free event it cost $100 due to D.C. doing its finest job to inspect my license plates, was I missing a 2024 sticker, missing yes but was my registration expired no. 🙄 I parked at 4:50 and the ticket was issued 4:57, couldn’t last 10 minutes….

The way these events work is networking style, you chat with photographers and models coordinated by StreetMeetDC to take pictures for the evening and that’s it! No agreements or rights to be signed away, just share the photos with models! The event location and sometimes theme varies but it always nice to mingle with the community and do some composition experimentation. Met a couple of neat photographers that actually took portraits of me and for the models I utilized  a prism to change up my composition a bit. The primary area we shot in was NoMa in Color’s art mural exhibits through out the city, there are 14 of them all by different artist and they were beautiful and unique. And they’ll be up year round, however there is some graffiti on them already. Overall successful event, don’t forget to change your tags.

Adobe creative cloud is now implementing AI in their software to assist in the editing process, I utilized the denoise feature in Lightroom that AI uses apparently so get rid of some grain in that hero image at the top. Can you tell?

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